This is 4ever by lmf

This is 4ever

This is forever this love
It beats through my veins
Baby when you look in my eyes it shines
I have your left rib
I know what it takes to make you feel happy
With you its all good
I’m all for you
Ain’t no higher
than I feel when I’m in your strong arms
This is my galaxy
Every time you see me
There’s always you
Feel the summer breeze sippin on lemon ice teas
Silver hair covers our two heads bobbin
Listening to Marvin sing, “Get it on”
We cooin that’s our song
Sighing so happy 50 plus years together
We never knew it would last this long
Then your worn hand touches mine
This is forever our love you whisper
You blink bow your head and just like that your gone
I blink twice my tears start to stream
I close my eyes from the surge of pain from my chest
My last breath says,
Baby not for long. -LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.