Eve Bitten by lmf (2)

Last truck in the back was a new trailer. You could tell because of where he parked he didn’t have time on him to park closer. I was uneasy walking to his cab but it was early I wanted to get money and leave before it got busy. Enough ass crawl through I would leave worse off then when I came in I learned that the hard way and I wasn’t trying to lay in some shelter tonight it was cold rain tonight. I got near and he put his headlights on. I came over to the passenger side climbed up to look at this new monster new to the lot. He smelled like pine the fragrance floated in my nostrils as he rolled the window down. I coughed a little to myself the smell was nauseating. From what I could see in the little bit of light coming from his truck’s cab he was bald with a scruffy beard late 40’s and slender. He wore just a worn t-shirt the heat inside was on hell.
“So what are you looking for I asked.”
” ‎Not your scrawny ass but I guess there’s not much Choice out here we will have to see.” he grinned. He reached over and opened the door when he leaned closer into the light of the parking lots light I could see dead brown eyes the color of mud puddles. My skin went cold. I climbed in he paused his arm still on the passenger seat as I slid in it.
“You smell like a cold wet dog I wonder if you fuck like one too.” He sat straight eyes looking into mine.
“I want a roundabout, how much?”
“$60 and rubber.”
“Oh, you a health conscious lizard huh. Back there, 60 is fine.”
This was going fast I thought, too fast I didn’t fuck in the back always in the seat. If you go back too far you may never get the out if he lost his mind or anyone you dealt with. My stomach growled to itself. I had to get back so I told him.
“Fine, you get 3min back there though.”
“Get the fuck back there.” He takes out three 20 bills from his side door and throws them to my lap. I put the money in my bag then pulled the strap over my head when he took it out my hand and strangled me with it. I was in total shock as my eyes widened and he threw me to the back of his trucks cab. I hit the back wall then flopped onto a moldy smelling mattress. I looked up to him coming back pulling down grey sweater pants. He pushed on a switch that turned on the light then closed a dirty green curtain to the drivers section. I wasn’t scared just fucking disappointed in myself for my guard being down. He already had his white sausage looking penis out bouncing as he slapped it. I sat up.
“I have condoms.”
“Good for you.”
” Put one on or I have one.”
“Put this dick in your ass or eat glass.”
That’s when my blood ran cold. He came at me like a wild boar I see his dirty hands coming for my neck I roll out the way. No time to think I rammed my hand in my bag and snatched out a damn pen from the Motel. He made a fist the next thing I know I feel the pen pop flesh and hot metal smelling liquid squirting on my hand. He gags my eyes open his are strained his erection stabbing into my right thigh. I push him off me the pen still in my hand. FUCK. I grab my bag step over him and sit in the drivers seat close the curtain behind me I hear him making gurgling sounds my heart is pounding in my throat. I shove the pen in bags pocket. Money, all this I need his money I think I reach where he did for the sixty and there is even more money in an envelope. I push that in my bag look around the parking lot and there’s no movement I open the trucks door and crawl down. I walk briskly to the back of the truck into the back brush squat and pee on my hand to wash off the blood kick dirt over it then head back to the main road leaving the truck spot. The rain stops now my mind is just stuck on get back to the Motel before midnight….by LaShanda mf


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.