Pudding Pie by lmf


I fell for his burning Auburn eyes. He looked at Tammy like she was a tall glass of caramel milk and he was the cookie she needed to soak all her nectar up with. I damn near fell over my mail cart watching him bite this lower lip Sean it is I knew his name for months. He came up from the boiler room to fix the air filter in the customer service /marketing office of San Diego zoo. Her trim size 4 ass winked at him without missing a beat and disappeared behind her cubicle. His muscles moved with every little move he did. He looked over his shoulder towards me and I pushed my cart right into the opening elevator mail flying in the air behind me. I was just too shy to ever look at him face to face. As the doors closed behind me I made sure my eyes stayed on the buttons to the 1st floor. My eyes moved toward my reflection in the elevator penny stained walls. My tight uniform sucked in all my hips and cantaloupe sized breast my stomach was almost as wide as my pronounced ass. Maybe I should just go on a diet I thought as the doors opened. As soon as I got in the office there were pies from Gloria my co worker. My favorite was strawberry rhubarb. I pushed my cart into it’s spot sat down to the pie and made love to it like I wanted to to Sean from maintenance. Gloria walked by and placed a tall glass of caramel milk in front of me I damn near choked to death.
“What the hell?!”
Gloria in her accent, “What, it was on clearance at the Bodega?”
“I don’t like caramel milk strawberry or chocolate yuck!”
“You’re choking right?”
Me gagging, “Yes!?”
“Ok then right now you need that it’s right on time so drink and shut it we have this until it’s gone!”
Just then Sean walks in. I spat out the milk.
“Damn Mina are you ill?”
Sean ran over to me and used his workers towel to wipe my desk he had so much concern in his face I worries myself.
“Wow, are you ok you flew off the 3rd floor your mail falling all over the place and now your spitting up in your office?”
I was so embarrassed I couldn’t speak.
“Well, here’s the mail you dropped umm, Mina right?”
“Yes, it’s Mina. Thank you, just a rushed day for me.”
“I’m Sean, just wanted to help out I hate seeing a beautiful woman in distress.”
I didn’t know who he meant maybe Gloria she did have her grey hair up it made her look less annoyed.
“She is fine papi she just shoved that pie down too fast. She’s doing my overtime tonight so she has time to get a second win. Thank you for the mail that would’ve been her ass!”
I wanted to knock her bun out her head at that very moment no she didn’t say all that!
“Don’t feel bad Mina I’m working overtime too tonight maybe we will bump into each other. Oh, Iove fruit pies to Bella.”
“Oh…ok and thankyou is all I could cough out.”
Like that he walked out leaving the mail on the counter.
“What, you want to fuck him right? He’s like 6’3, the color of dark chocolate, nice ass, caring…yas”
“Mina hush, tell me what you need help with before I go in ten minutes you can have all these fruit pies. I’m on a diet now after seeing him.”
She laughed I wanted to knock her bun off her huge head still.
It was like 6pm and I was finishing up in the mailroom when three of the slender office ladies were leaving from upstairs. The three of them peaked there heads in smiling.
“Hey Mina are you ok girl? Can we do anything to help you ran off the floor like you saw a ghost?”
“OR Sean flirting ass!”
I made a face that said stop.
Thank you, if you guys can take these pies to the front lobby please near the Predators and Gorrilla display I need to walk through there to drop mail at the security guard counter.
“No problem, the security cameras are down in that portion and Andrew has to make rounds outside then come in.”
“Damn, be safe.”
You too have him walk you to your cars.
They took the pies and left. I looked at their little suit skirts and color matching heels. No wonder Sean couldn’t keep his eyes off them they were model material.
About 15 min later I locked up the mailroom. Nobody was in the halls so I unbuttoned my work shirt and let my undershirt show. The new breeze felt good, knowing the security cameras were off too I popped off my size 46 EE bra I gave out a long orgasmic sigh. I just wanted to drop this mail grab the pies and get to my truck before Andrew the security guard saw my breast free and bouncing for joy.
I got to the lobby dropped the mail but didn’t see the box of pies then I remembered they left it across the ways. I was about to open the corridor when in the door windows I saw all three ladies giggling to themselves with Gloria’s pies in a circle around Sean. It looked he had fallen asleep by the Gorilla exhibit and a magazine had fallen out his back pocket and they were looking at it laughing in tears and pointing at his erection. He was deep asleep not to smell the pies or hear them laughing. Just when he started to wake up they each smashed pies around him the fruit the juices sprayed all over his body, his face, their feet. Like little hoodlums they ran towards the door I was watching from I backed away and ducked. They held their heels and ran out the exit laughing the whole way. I looked back at Sean and he was sitting in a mess just staring in shock. The Gorrilas were going crazy behind him. I opened the doors walking up to him. The magazine thrown on his lap was a BBW lingerie magazine. I felt anguish knowing they were being so evil of images that resembled me, what they did to him for it, and my damn pies.
“Mina, damn…I fell asleep after fixing the venting down here my sugars low forgot to eat….”
You don’t have to explain..that was evil as shit.
“Yea they prank each other and me all the time. Guess they didn’t like my choice of reading material he chuckled.”
Here let me help you I said I took off my work shirt and started cleaning what I could off him then our eyes linked. He bit his bottom lip and I bit mine. I started licking his eyelids, slid my tongue down to his neck then felt him unzip his pants the mine. He smelled like warm fruit pies and Misake cologne. He took off his shirt laid it under me then looked over my breast he had taken out my undershirt.
“Damn” was all he said after he took one nipple in his mouth rolling his eyes to the back of his head. I felt his sticky hips touch mine as all of his thick girth entered my walls. Once he felt how wet o was he looked down at me and moaned I knew you felt this good!”
Before I could moan I looked over and saw the Gorillas fucking doggy style watching Sean slam his soul into the depth of my waterfalls…. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.