Eve Bitten by lmf


Cold rain against your bare back feels like lashes from a whip I thought as I walked into the truck pit. It was payday for the truck drivers who had just come back from unloading their last loads from across States. It was also payday for me when I found the right trucker to sink my teeth into. My stomach ached with hunger pains the stale coffee I drank earlier was taking its revenge on me. I saw my usual trucker parked in the back near the trees so I walked over slung my messenger bag over my shoulder. I walked up to the truck whistled and didn’t get a response so I pulled the door side handle to pull myself up to see in the carriage. There was my usual customer sucking on some other woman’s titties. I smacked the window with my wet hand to stop the action. The truckers name was Rose bud but looked more like a old raggedy bush. She stopped sucking spit sliding down her tanned hairy chin. The other woman looked relived for the break which many would since Rose and no teeth and breath that smelled like sour milk but you know what 500 for a titty suck wasn’t bad or another 100 for her to finger you the same time. The truck was to put petroleum jelly in your vagina then take a tampon put it in first when your leave her truck pull it out all her grime and the jelly came out. Easy 600 as long as you didn’t make a disgusted face. I always thought about the hot bath after since her job would be enough for two nights on the streets for myself but yeah somebody beat me to it…by LaShanda mf


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.