Supposed Man by lmf

Would have loved to love you
But you deceived me
You had me in your mental grasp
But baby you tried to play
I’m serious about my heart
You would have so many nights of this naughty pearl
But you deceived me
Left my treasures as if they depreciated
Tonight I burn you out my memory cells
I would have bust your bubbles and unmentionables
But you deceived me
Now what you could have all to yourself will be anothers
I coulda, woulda, but will never be now
See me swaying my hips in my jet blue heels
I’m walkin all over your dreams
Enjoy me as a late fantasy
Hear my heels walk down this long hallway
Feel my heat leaving
Smell my sweetness fading
My last kiss burned on your moist lips
My sweet taste against your minty breath
Tonight you have entered the ranks of my enemies
All because you deceived me
Stepped and laughed at my ventures
Watch me turn back and smile with teeth stronger than daggers
Straighter than dentures
Yet purier than a virgins entry. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.