Acute Opal by lmf

Opal felt the heat rising from between her thighs as she stared into Rods eyes she could see the desire in herself in the reflection in his soul and her legs spread a little wider as his left hand slid pant her belly’s button. They stood between just two parked mini vans in broad daylight. The afternoons sun drawing sweat from their vibrating bodies. The pressure of his fingers entered Opal her breath exhaled as she did her cream-colored nectar changing Rods brown fingers to her sexual stain. She lifted her leg simultaneously opening her mouth Rods tongue roamed her throat his grunts growing louder…..pushing his finger out with her pussy she unzipped his khakis releasing his girth. Right there as shoppers passed to escape the mall Opal pulled her panties aside to escape this finger fuckery. She grasps the ship of semen placing it inside her hot pussy past pillow soft thighs ready to be injected with his offspring. She bucked as he fell into a Caravan her back causing a dent her right hand grasping the vehicles antenna bending it in her fist causing her skin to split blood seeping out as his cum was seeping inside her. Together they soiled the ground, their clothes, and the side passenger door of somebody’s car. Just as their eyes opened to a brighter sky the many eyes on them initiated a heated smoldering kiss a patrol car chirped in the distance both broke quick dashing in separate locations. Texting final good-byes and salutations asking for 1st names which had been failed to mention when Rod stopped Opal for directions. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.