Ex by lmf

The First time I should have said no,
I said hello,
You caught me line and sinker,
Made me the biggest sinner,
Now I feel like I should have walked away,
You treated my temple so ungratefully,
Yet my ocean throws currents at the sight of you,
You there at your house,
I’m here on this couch,
Rockin thoughts of how we should be a couple,
Fucked up what you did to me,
So many not tonights,
No calls or text,
How many others have cum next,
Yes cum…not come,
To your handsome look,
muscular body, broad shoulders,
Pouty sexy ass lips,
They felt so damn good,
Damn, I wish I got away from you,
Said no not tonight get away from me,
Can you see me,
Yes baby all of me,
Get out,
Stay out,
Come in, slide in,
Take those all those lips,
Like I never said no. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.