Flirt by lmf



Watch my mouth swallow this banana

Messy like

Its goin deep down

My throat way open

Look at you

Wanna come in

See me gulp it

I’m hungry

Pull up

Don’t hate you gotta wait

This long sweet treat takes time to eat

I know you Madd like so many Poets

Want me to ride like ya Rodney my pony

Opps I dropped some on my bosom

Wanna clean it?

Put ya meat on this,


Ima flirt remember

so watch me rub this banana all on my na na

smear it where ya lips won’t

feel the pain you get from blue balls

ima stall

ride it all mushy

all in my suga walls

you know you need this gushy

that’s what you get for talkin feces

now all you get is a peep series. By LaShanda MF



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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.