Hungry bylmf

I’m sliding your shirt off licking and biting your taut skin like I’m on a mission,
I’m rushin to feel my breast on your chest,
We have this small place a mess,
I bite your lip real hard,
Listen closely to see if you bark,
You rub my wet spot,
Pull on my sweet clit,
I fumble with your zipper,
Blow the words from my poutin lips “oh shit”,
I rock my hips in your hands grip,
I start too drip,
You growl baby oh damn,
I finally take out your small dip stick,
Turn it into my riding rod,
You beg me,
I give you a head knod,
Then we buck,
I stop pull out to suck,
Yea, it taste nasty,
Just my fancy,
We kiss to seal our spill,
I’m now hungrier for my next meal. By LaShandaMF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.