Empty by lmf


Empty No feelings,

That’s the world I’m dealing,

Just fill me with your rotted flesh,

The ejaculations fresher than a baby’s breath,

Men need my vessel for there pleasure to build their egos,

Having my lil girls voice fill a forbidden fetish,

my years of being exploited punch a clock of reminisce,

My heart whittles away fading away,

Eroding from Adams deceit,

My Eve of destruction falling to the roots feet,

My empty black hole a womb for so much more than my artery can pump,

My smile the mile I have survived,

As my eyes continue to show the valley of lies,

I lie here looking at you hoping you see my pleas,

Hoping I can run you away before you pull my flesh to feel,

While my fate waits for eternal rest from you wicked that reply with a shallow hello. By LaShanda MF.





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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.