Black & Stronger by lmf

smoke dreams

You gotta know that ima make it with or without you

While the whole world tries to break us down

You must know I have you

We need to maintain what we started with

Our power, my people

We stay stained from the jagged ocean

We saw, our ancestors saw, we gonna see

Turn on that light

See the brown

The blackness that saturates our faces

Faces that continue to succeed

We breed super seeds

Manifest in rainbows

Look at who’s next to you

That’s me, him, and her

Pumping Queens

Pumping Kings thru the arteries

White may say its alwasy right

But when you close your eyes today and at death black consumes you

Fear nothing baby I have you

I got you

Ima exhale you


When you look down you see dark soil

When you look at our President you see brown pigment

And when you look at our struggle you see the light,

We won’t quit,

I can’t quit,

I won’t quit,

Ima keep this promise as long as I continue to breathe,

don’t believe me?

You just blinked,

You saw us,

It was black for a second then you opened your eyes,

Now you see the light,

I’m that light,



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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.