These Lips by lmf

Sugar, honey, baby, sweetie,

Lick me, suck, sip,suck,

Bite, knead my soft cocoa flesh,

Journey in my vessel,

One kiss, two kisses, Three, then four,

Lock that door,



On my back,backin up, 


You pullin me back by my ankel,

Hand full of Velvet Red Sheets,

I’m slippin,

 You slippin your tongue in,

I arch,

You bark, Damn Shanda!

I purr papi,

We flow,

 Right stroke,

Left stroke,

 Death Stroke,

 Don’t drown boo,

 No he didn’t just say shoo?

Merged all up in my world,

Hoggin my pearl,

You ask am I ya gal

I say no I’m just this moment,

Flipped over,

Lookin back at you

Watchin you doin figure eights, 


You ask me the 1st question again,

My answer stays the same,


I throw back my attack,

You lose your position

 Guess who’s on top,

Y’all hear him groaning right? By LaShanda MF.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.