Layered Mink by lmf


That’s what he has

He’s as smooth as a Mink

The honesty of his being ceases my sences

How fast one sitting turns into hips thrusting,

I feel the heart beat with each push,

The throbbin ripping my soft tissue to bits,

The coldness covered with 13 mins. of this layered Mink,

On my knees I come closer to my climax

Soon we will seperate

Just to grow crazy with anticipation

With the fasination of having each others flavors in each others mouth

Switchin places until we mold the perfect Pisces symbol


my nicca,

That sexual Twister

Sensual mixer

All this thickness

Wettin all that meekness

You want more I ask

I take you jerkin as a yes

Buckle -up,




To side

I finish every drop

Then after a shiver so do you,

All ya babies have gone a billion miles away

Don’t pout love,

Use that swag,

That’s right baby,

Stagger into your denim

Salute me

Let me buckle that for you

Don’t whisper just follow me, let me take you where you need to be,

Feel that breeze

The Fall babes hawk

You walkin out on me wait,

You forgettin your car keys.By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.