Build-up by Lmf

Walkin around this stuffy room

See you standin off to the corner rubbin that stout boner

Why are you hidin?

Slide out to the floor

Dance up to my thunda

Give me what you have to coax

I got all that supa funk

Let’s work it out

Ill even turn my back so you can use that as an excuse

Damn, you slammin that maphucka

Let me show you how to bump

Watch me slide past your belt

Feel my insides cry

Why you blushin?

You know you need this

Come get it

Follow the beat

Feel my womanly heat

Move your feet with my beat

Baby keep up




Now bump


Rub it all up on this rump

Now hold on ima knock that kink out the front of those pants

Lick the sweat of my neck

Watch me grab my ankels

Throw it

I toss it

Now grind out that sigh to heaven

Ooooooo, yeah!

Oh yeah bay!

Watch my cocoa ass sway away. By LaShanda MF.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.