Sexual Re-set by lmf


I’m a mutha freakin freak,
I handle my men like my liquor,
Cold and hard yet smooth when it goes down,
Many try to ride me,
But I ride them,
Trust I can twerk it,
Roll my hips real good,
You may have her name tatted over ya body,
I make you groan to the almighty,
Oh baby do you like it when I pop it up to the head,
Or do you like when I grind it down till you feel my cervix,
Ride this beat,
its just me and you naked,
Who is this I didn’t know about,
Now we changing up,
She actin like a boy sniffin,
Touchin soft places,
Now I’m switchin rolls,
Got that ass up,
We makin you feel like a toy,
Don’t get mad,
Its your turn,
Who’s na na do you yearn? By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.