Singe by lmf

Hear the birds chirping while your head rest on the grounds emerald blades of grass,
Your lazy lids two slits,

My legs widen,

my bud hardens,

thoughts of you stretching my temple arise,

Standing over you my feminine shadow blankets you,

Your hands massage my soft calves as they slowly descend to your heaving fleshed sides,

First I feel your powerful warriors armor invade my entrance,

Your face has been suffocated by my mounds of pillowy chocolate clouds,

A cool breeze licks the trail of sweat on my deep curved spine,

I inhale with one breath you fill the walls of my satin canyon,

Stretch my sanity to swirls of kaleidoscope abstract pixels,

We lay on a cloud of ecstasy now no longer a park ground in the woods,

In our own world stroking to our own waves,

Both lost at sea,

Our heart beating away so blissfully,

Oh baby this feeling surging thru your body into mines feels so good,

What the forest eyes see and the hush behind says all being witnessed is bad,

Nature defines all is natural as a surge of milky sap shoots toward my heaven,

I count strides before I rise,

Just 3 inches high,

Catch you makin a silly grin while your body seizes,


Can’t wait to long or I miss the last crew,

Your eyes damn near go all white,

Yes, I keep the seal tight,

Birds start chirping,

Cardinal lands just in my sight on my bike,

I fix my posture,

My pencil skirt slides down like new,

You come back to sit up on your elbows,

You ask me my name,

I hear foot steps,

“Ask your girlfriend”,

You realize your picnic,

She went to Wawa to get you Benadryl,

As I pedal away I hear a zipper go zip,

I grin,

My names on my panties,


I tucked them full of his jizz under the picnic blanket,

He asked,

I returned. By LaShanda MF 


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.