Needy Men by lmf


Men in relationships/dating/single get tested 1st her next then:
Wash ya dicks! Wash them just for the hell of it when you wash your hands after you piss add some soap lather catch the balls in the suds rinse then dry. For real because y’all be wanting head at any time like magic but be forgetting ya junk ain’t magically delicious just like that when you whip it out. This is for the ladies that enjoy giving head, draining, and swallowing, not the ones who feel its a sentence of punishment or an award system. If you want good head that dick can’t be smelling like fishy, pissy, corn chip, funky balls, you men who aren’t circumsised are infamous for that crap pull back that foreskin and clean that penis like a grown ass man should! Oh, P.S. stop sticking your dicks in chicks faces who don’t like sucking that meat and when you do you better make sure you made her excited to do so great head is begot when you spoiled her ass first don’t be lazy or frugal if you don’t want your johnson treated that way! Ya heard me!? By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.