Cake by lmf


Patty cake, patty cake,

Watch my fatty shake,

Picture these titties glistening wet,

Shimmering with every breath I take,

I’m just in your beater and my pink panties,

This room is about to have an Earthquake,

My puddy cat is throbbing,

Stop making me wait,I’ve been a naughty vixen,

Papi I need a fixin,

I’m so ready for you to get in this,

I’m standing on this dresser,

Winding these hips legs wide open,


There’s nothing I won’t do to cater to you,

This sweet honey dip is all for you,

I promise,





Suckle on my body like you’re nursing,

Don’t stop when you start,

Just get this geyser,

I open up my well for you…Dip in,

This fountain is all for you,

I promise,

Stop sippin it,

Guzzle this. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.