Way back by lmf


I hear you in my ear saying my spots the shit,
the lower I go you pull me back up,
We don’t speak we just heave,
I stroke your pole,
You whisper shine it baby,
So I spit like a pro,
Rub it in,
Blow some ice breath on it,
Then I pull up,
You tighten up,
Come on baby play nice,
I open so wide,
Feel me,
Ha,ha,ha I spill to heat it,
I start talkin French to your Mic,
Damn ya hips grinding like pistons,
My hair becomes your steering wheel,
My killa grip kicks in,
Look who’s convulsing,
You beggin now…
Showers of stranded sea men fall to the bow fighting to reach the safety raft of the brown satin pillows I use to stretch you over horizons your last breath my finish line. I ask you just one thing before you drift, tell me who’s staff is this? I have arrived. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.