Work out by lmf



Hold that thought, don’t change your position,

I don’t want to leave,

But your lack of love is moving me,

Your not missing me has the streets calling me,

I want to leave right now while your spike is in me,

Yes, right now,

I really wanted us to work-out,

All that lust in your eyes…


Just a disguise,

I know I’m just a rebound,

I need to run,

Stop fuckin with me,

All those phone calls,

28 days of your title,


Friends with Benefits,

401k’s of me texting,

Sharing that I passed the bar,

On the other side you yawning,


That’s you to voicemail last time you ring toned me,

I sniffed that,


You was just a blur of my imagination,

I’m back to reality,

Small dicks spit punk bitch,

Ain’t nobody tighter than my mafuckin grip,

What doesn’t knock me out orgasmly has to split,

You thought you had the best of me,

Baby you dead wrong,

Your episodes been canceled,

My new season is beginning,

He’s bigger,

Goes longer,

And makes me scream, “THAT LAST NICCA WAS JUST A DREAM!”

Then I cream. By LaShanda MF



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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.