Session by lmf

I was born in Texas
Raised in sexin you down
Down until I make your erection cause friction
I’m not offended by your words tryna knock down my fruitfal vessel
Your dreams of tasting my sweet butter cream
You should thank Gawd you can’t fit in
You would cave in
Over dose and catch the holly ghost
Many wish to feel me
Most will never tho
Move this ocean
Part my sea
Fill me with cain
Make me shout in lustful pain
Make me a follower
Make me fall to my dark knees and scream, Amen
Wait I yield that million dollar pot of lotto
All you can cash in is your semen
In my demon
Have you sprayin an exorcist
A sticky mist
Its 12 o clock time for your session to end. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.