Ballin’ by lmf

I lick him like a blowpop
I pop his nuts like cashews
He knows I like to touch
I have to search them jewels
He told me his old lady can’t sip
We both laugh at that broke fact
Toss my hair back
Put this juicy up in the air
Bow down to the sacks
Baby how many dips for ya tea bags
I have that sugar for them
I know he likes that
Keep that wrapper for after
I’m goin half and half all over my petals
I leave a lil for him to peep
He drops 50 for a dare
Ask me to take him deep
Laughs he wants to feel my tonsils
I swallow his daddys genes all with a hard stare
The whites of his eyes gives me my respect
Money drops from his hands like he’s a zombie
He falls back like the beds a landing and him a b-52
I sweep all sap off my lip with one lick
Before I hit the door you gasp you love me
I wink then reply with the 50,”me too.” By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.