Go Low by lmf

We got a good thang but I can’t see you again,

This is just for one night,

Go low,

work out man,

get on all fours and crawl for this sticky,

inhale this heated sweet fragrance,

its earthy warmth has you harder than Super Man sprung,

watch me make my walls pulse for you like a vise,

you got me ready,

yes watch my hips,

now look at theses lips,

never saw so much darkness,

look at you ready to cash out,

I know you want in,

you coming closer,

come with it,

I got you baby, go lower,


lick up that drool,


you gonna need that for when we lock in position,

then when I flick my shiny pink pearl on the tip of your nose down to the top of your lip on to your waiting tongue,

yeah you like this,

Say La,

open that mouth wide,

now say SHA,

Yea baby like that, now as I grind all this sticky honey squirting from my cocoa finesse say it all “LASHANDA!”

That’s right no hands be nice  don’t bite take all my delish cream,


I hear you gasping,


GO LOW! By LaShanda MF copy-written 2013 11/2/13


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.