Blow-up Becky by lmf

Your kisses warm my heart cavity like a baked homemade apple treat,
Now your gone how am I suppose to cope,
I wake in bed filled with tears,
My body shriveld like a rasin,
Salt water soaked,

We were just two butterflies in the Sedona skies,
Nobody could stop our smiles,
Our sultry emotions setting the mountain aside,
The world we soared thru we ruled,
I knew of only you and I,

Now I stand here feeling like a clown in this void,
I blame me for being so blind,
I was so bland and typical,
All of your intentions never sunk in,
I was just your marked marytr,

Your cushion for your daggers pushin,
I just wanted to be your woman,
I wound up being your boyish pleasure,
Your pastime endeavor,
A climax favor,

A breathing,
Doll. By LaShanda MF copyright2013


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.