Betrayed by lmf

It’s a cold World with colder demons, I use to love you and hold you down if a nigga tried to fuck with you I’d break bones for you but then you broke my heart and I wanted to break your bones. I can’t believe I let myself get so soft knowing I could get heart broken but I went forward to give you all of me, You took my body put two kids in me took my sexy thin shape into a vessel stretched now to a voluptuous castle. I don’t regRet what we had I regret not listening to those who warned me but I always remind myself that without you I wouldn’t have my two gems. With my two kids I’ve learned what my heart was meant for. Excuse me for being so crude thats how one man after another talking in my ear has conceived. You though, you have made me into this solid stone hearted woman who won’t settle, who wont’s sit still, and who won’t stop soaring for our children. When you see me again here or in heaven know I never broke but rebuilt. P.S. Yeah, Iove LaShanda mf


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.