R.I.P. by lmf

What you getting mad; you can’t handle that?

I’m out late getting my phatty hit just right,

Miles away with new muse,

We’re running your wallet 100 thousand a night,

Don’t get up boo sit tight,

This new hair doo I whip around like a helicopter propeller in his lap while he drives your Bugati,

You got me good with sister,

Now I’m going mmm,

you with your father,

Step back right there,

My pink glock is off her safety,

Damn the fresh bullets make her so heavy,

Now listen baby I ain’t fooling around with you ima woman scorn,

Tonight I’m going to make your mama and that hussy my ex bff friend morn,

This will be the last time you ever cheat on me boo, don’t cry,

Stop snotting you got me tripping,

Just one more time?

Zip those pants back up,

Oh damn, For the last time… Put my skirt down,

Not my neck…

Boy, that’s my spot!


I’m shot! Hold up, this ain’t right…by LaShanda MF 


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.