Get a Grip by lmf

When the sun rises my heart reaches out to beat just for you,
Just to know you have rose with the next shine of a new day blesses my soul to believe,

I need you to walk these lazy days,

You should know what you mean to me,

I work everyday to show you my gratitude,

Without you touching me to be the one to be with you I would have faded in the shadows,

When I caress your thighs my senses open,

I engage in the exhilaration of satisfying you turning me out,

Your orders make my body sway,

My jaws relax,

Take in your joy -stick I submit to your commands,

I go numb,

Ride ya waves as you swivel your stallion hips,

As your voice roars, I prepare to pop this punani,

Legs raised, Showtime,

The legs go up, And your in there,

Go hate on it now?

Stand up in it! Bitch blow this!

You better show me your my KING,

You better stand up in it,

The bed going up, down,



Now we on the damn ground,

mafucka now I’m on top?

You talked slick now ima make you cash in your healthcare!


This is our love ima goin in!

Ima end this with ya thumb in ya mouth and you passed the hell out!

Ima have you say baby I LOVE YOU KEEP KILLING ME!


Get a grip I love you. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.