Jump on it by lmf 2017

Tell me what this ride means to you,

Lips, bumps, thighs,

The rise,

Cha ching,

Are you ready to pay,

Slide your black card thru the slit,

Black strip up,

You need the full balance for a full experience,

I eat like a barbarian,

I’m as delicious as your meat throbbing imagines,

You want a monster yes watch me eat you,

Devour your soul for hours,

Under the table spread your fingers over this steaming heat,

Bitch decide who do you love,

This mouth or those lips,

You only gonna choose one,

Price is much too high,

Is your life worth it,

Is this voyage worth all it will ensure,

Are you ready for what you will endure,

A ride full of pain,

A ride that will smoother your pride,

My honey tasting,

Hot, slippery,

Death gripping,

Sexual sanctuary is waiting. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.