Woman Eater by lmf

Today I met a grown man who looked down on me 
Told me my place as a woman was behind his back looking at his ass being an ass 

He felt he had power over me 

Such a fool 

I have the power 

The power to say “No” 

To deny a request 

To be me 

I defy 

I am that smartass who fights you 

I make you notice 

Notice me 

You can’t use me 

Funky breathed dragon 

Pussy seekin woman eater 

Small hopes 

Big dreams 

So mean 

Mmm, clean outsides 

Dingy insides 

How can a man so tall be 14 inches too small? 

His heart has 14 feet less footing is how… 

All I wanna do is hate you 

I hate you like every other somebody who called me 




You are and was all the rest 

Good-Bye pest. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.