Thirsty by lmf

Corn colored sands run between my soft manicured toes 

Here we lay in ectasy in secrecy

Cool sea breezes lickin my heels 

Spreading a coolness up my burned ebony thighs 

My tongue so parched under this clear blue sky 

Paint a picture as my knees glide 

What you see is a vision of a budding pale rose 

Chocolate folds two so moist 

Your mouth drops 

You crave just a morsel 

Feel the burninng crave surging from down below 

I roll to my belly 

Low and behold two mounds of round gold appear 

The fabric blinds you 

The meatiness underneath giggle 

Legs down to the side 

I yawn from your subtle moves 

Arch my back 

Look back to peep that steel rod 

Funny how I lick my soft pink lips 

Baby you look thirsty 

Do you need a sip? By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.