Plowed in(9)

Sleep never crosses my mind except at night when it’s this quiet. I can hear each foot step I take and breath I push out as I head to my next job. It’s cold the snow has melted I touch my heart through my shear shirt covered my my long mauve leather coat. Heart feels cold but still beats and empty drum. I inhale the musk of my leather coat the smell calms me I look up to the rusty door of my next job. I take out my phone and text a money bag emoji within 1 minute the door opens and steel grey eyes look into my skull. I enter the smell of chemicals and perfume hit my nostrils. 

“Here for package or carry?” Steel blue asks me.

I’m here to talk to management and yeah I’m here for a call out.

” Well get naked put your shit in a locker then wait in the office I’ll get Gustav.”

6’7 German robot walks away and I bite my tongue and hold back taking his tongue out. “Shit?” My property has never been shit. I disrobed angrily thinking about how I only took this stand in job for extra money. Yes I had to be low key but he’ll no was I just a throwaway coke girl. I was trusted and I’m sure there was more to this than just four hours of measuring and packing butt naked under hard dicks and even harder weapons.

Naked in Gustav’s office I laid out on his vanilla cream couch opened my legs and stared  into the mirror up above at my shaved clam then rolled over to peek at my round ass. I turned myself on the couch took all of me in felt like a cloud. 

“Ah Mistress what a nice position to find you in! Too bad you are here to work, yes?”

His deep Austrian voice boomed as he shut the door behind him. He wore a pair of expensive slacks and shirt without a tie. His men didn’t follow him in nor did he have his guns on him but he always had his knives in his well made shoes and a gun under his desk. I had a surprise too hidden in my body if I needed it.

“So nice of you to come one of my best girls is sick and I appreciate you coming to take her place. I have a huge move today and usually wouldn’t need extra hands if I fall short but like I said this is huge.”


“Oh you think you know me Mistress?”

“No one ever calls me for small jobs Gustav so if we are fucking then let’s fuck this up right but don’t fuck with my time.”

He laughed then stopped, I am turning my cargo into lotion then putting them into bottles to be sold as a faux beauty line in Quebec. I need you and a few of my worker bees to take it distribute then send my profits to my profile in my overseas account as the distribution company. When the products are shipped they will be turned back for what they are. I need them to pass customs. You have what it takes I can keep Abdullah out your beautiful hair for the time your gone and pay you a hefty price. Do you accept?”


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.