Wanting by lmf

I have this wanting feeling even tho I know I shouldn’t want this person. Ever have that? I keep thinking about this individual through my day even tho I don’t want to I mean I am a person who will forget a persons name after they tell me and I repeat it 3times but this mafucker is imprinted in my mind like a habitual habit. I think that the person is a phucked habit or some shit that I want to taste,smell, and feel… funny how things are nasty like smelling someones breath until you are attracted to them ya know? I mean the persons breath isn’t so fresh but you can’t tell the difference because its an aroma you have come acustomed too its foul to the next person but to you they just need to brush real quick but you still kiss because you like their taste regardless… yea so I want this person right now I want to sit naked on their wide chest indian style and look in their dark eyes and cuss them out then un wrap my legs so I can inch closer to their thick lips and jewish lookin nose rub my clit on that nose and feed them my fresh shaven twat….yeah I want em. By LaShanda mf


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.