Cauchemar Sex by lmf


Last night I had this night mare where I was kidnapped by an older white male from Wal-mart. One minute I’m shopping the next I am abducted into this Audi TT-RS with its 2.5 liter five- cylinder engine 360 horsepower the color black with midnight black tinted windows. I was sweating my skin was glistening and I was terrified the man had sugar white hair with facial hair and brown tinted sun glasses. I remember him saying I was a cocoa beauty and my life would be his for the night. I kept telling myself this is a dream but I smelled Brute Swagger cheap deodorant spray to vividly so I panicked oh sh8t this may be real then the older white man took out a titty while driving down Rt. 295 and started sucking on it hard  I screamed telling him to watch the phucking road as varies cars zoomed in front of his sports car. He unzipped his denim jeans which i had just hopped he wouldn’t then out popped his  middle digit sized pink penis oozing precum. He growled with a mouth full of left breast for me to stroke it I did my eyes full of tears asking myself why can’t I wake the hell up or have the energy to crash the car to make this madness stop. He started to cum and while driving his sweaty red face jammed his penis in my mouth I sucked it hard hoping to make him pass out put instead he filled my whimpering mouth full of sour salty semen. I swallowed the first round but he just kept cumming. Finally he pulled the meticulous appendage from my wet lips I held his waste mucous waste in my mouth the rest of the car ride amazingly we never crashed. He then said he couldn’t stop ejaculating then proceeded to spray my face, hair, and chest with clear semen. After that he tells me to clean up so I could check out these three atomically correct vibrating weird looking Caucasian barbie dolls.  I did as I was told looking at each one my mouth full with semen just shaking my head as he spoke hoping he wouldn’t tell me to swallow. We finally get to a  location I assume is his house this small yellowish baby mansion. It goes black then when I can see again I am in this room that looks as if someone else was there before me. The bedroom holds a messy bed with expensive pink bedding a window with light coming in but I can’t see out a opaque looking glass covers it and there is a sink near the steal door with a mirror. He tells me to change into something clean from the closet but make sure he can see my breast perky and to brush my teeth he won’t check the contents to see if I swallowed. My mouth by now is about to bust when he finally exists I run to the sink and spit out the semen which is the color of mucus, brown nuggets go down the drain the other colors orange I gag and brush my teeth the semen sticks to my gums the back of my teeth finally I start to see the pink of my tongue I rinse…then I wake-up in my bed.

What kind of nightmare was that? So yea that was my Nightmare from last night! by LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.