Chaser by lmf

Let’s play chaser

Try to follow my moist tongue

Chase that chilled hot feelin

See my peony colored cherry flavored flick

Feel my hot lick on your inner ankle

Give in to my onyx midnight eyes

Look into my soul

See my head rising

My licks racing after

after that building sensation

You like my round ass

Watch it dip then roll

Since it is in your face

Peep my tight

Sooo tight


Take that hand go head and smack it

My tongue is comin

Feel my figure 8’s in your inner thigh baby

Get lost

My ass is gettin closer

Grip it

Slippery with Moroccan oils

I hear your breath catch

You peepin my ripe snatch

Like my plump rose bud

Breathe baby

I have one jewel…

Now the second

I’m so gentle

Feel that minty Altoid

Takin my soft blows

Don’t jump baby chase this

I haven’t finished

You know you need this

You take whats


Watch it shake

Feel my quivers

All this soft chocolate

You thought you could keep up

But not with Shanda


That’s the warmed honey drippin down upon you

I hear that deep throat coo

I Dunn stuck myself all over you

Bite my apple….by LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.