Plowed in (8) by lmf

Qua and Vessa were in the room as I entered. I disrobed letting the candlelight bounce off my body. I was tense I could feel it in my muscles with every step as I drew closer to them. They were twins both with long flowing red hair their bodies unshaved. Their thick coarse hair peeked out from their arm pits, between their legs, down their arms, Qua’s beard. The sight aroused me my nipples hardened Vessa came over to them and sucked the dark areolas softly then blew. She took my soft small hands into hers leading me to the thick shag charcoal rug in front of the blazing fireplace. Her green eyes were bright yet speckled like a marble she kept her eyes locked on mine as she guided me to my stomach. Qua instructed me to arch my ass up. I obeyed, I smelled sweet butter coming from behind me I smirked. Vessa pulled my arms straight out massaging my arms her naked breast swaying back and forth. I gazed at their light brown yet dark freckle pattern my spot between my legs started to get moist. Just then the hot searing pain of liquid dripped over my round ass and into my crack the butter felt like lava. It hurt yet felt grand all at once I saw the man I had murdered, his sliced scrotum, Abdullahs evil grin, and my two….Then I felt a tongue lap up the butter from my cheeks then dive into my asshole. I exhaled as I did Vessa stuck a banana in my mouth with hers on the other side. As I choked she ate tears rolled down my cheeks as my orgasms started to crash one after the other. Vessa finished the banana eating what hung from my mouth sucking the mushed bits from my lips then told her twin to flip me over. I had no control over my body I was weak from coming so many times. She pulled out a black whip and cracked it on either side of me fell to her knees until her mouth swallowed my whole mound dipping her tongue like a snake in and out of my wet vagina. Qua took the whip cracked it on her ass she never stopped then he took his dick stroking it until we felt his hot sauce all over my face and her backside. Like clockwork they went back into professional positions, Vessa helped me up picked up my robe handed me a towel then stepped aside. Qua still dripping stood erect looking forward. He bowed back as I passed toward the exit to the shower. 
“It was our pleasure Mistress we hope you choose us again. Goodnight.”

I nodded the heavy door closing behind me. The shower women were about to start bathing me when Abdullah video called me I wiped my face then answered. He looked like he was indoors. 

“I see you’re at your after spot. I also heard you took to jewels from my job I gave you. I said you could have leftovers but what were those worth to you?”

The job is done you paid me right so what’s the questions for? I have one bill to you and it’s paid.

“True that was for $18,000 for your seeds charter school tuition but you didn’t clock that much from my bids.”

As long as my debts are paid don’t worry.

“Oh, I worry, worry your hands not in my cookie jar. But you about to get showered have one of those bath mates hold your phone so I can watch. Make sure the Asian one makes you moan like I like.”

I got a text for a quick job on my way home I accepted it this little treat set me back $3,000 plus his little video joy ride. He wouldn’t know like he didn’t know I answered the text as I handed my phone over to one of the bath mates.

“Shower or bath?”

Shower with a creamy lather from Shai Chi. By LaShanda M.F.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.