Plowed in (7)

I stood in the doorway of a bagel shop on 34th ave. holding my sale of nuts on ice. Flurries started to come down I tried to catch one on my tongue just when a silver Hummer pulled up to the curb. I walked toward the tinted back window it rolled down and excepted my nuts. I couldn’t see who took them but I saw my money slide into my hand as I pulled it out in a silver envelope. Sale was done, I backed away from the Hummer it drove back into traffic like it never stopped. I dropped the envelope in my bag then looked up to my car as it pulled up no driver. The passenger door opened like a owls wing I got into the seat and spoke the address of a spa I frequented. I needed the money deposited before night fall. My mind was all over the place but it stuck on the woman who bought the scrotum I’d detached from the man I had killed for Abdullahs job. I mean he was dead but his sperm was going to live on to produce a baby or babies for some lucrative black market scum lord. Where he had died a pitiful life his offspring was about to be well off for life carrying on some illegal empire just so the wife won’t get wacked for lying to be able to have kids. It’s like his death saved four lives two of those mine and Abdullah, started a new one, minus his. I arrived at the spa left my car to park itself then entered. An exotic receptionist greeted me at the black velvet counter the lights were dim. “Good evening”, she said I handed her my money for deposit into my account.
“Who would you like for today?” Her emerald eyes low with long lashes looked at me full of submission. Her skin was a smooth chestnut.

“I’d like Qua and Vessa. Fruit, whips, and butter.”

“Your room is ready,enjoy Mistress.” By LaShanda M.F.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.