Phantom by lmf

Had your hand prints all over my left thigh
Felt your kisses drying on my right chocolate thigh
My lips moist still
I licked them once more
I arched my back off the bed
Just like I did last night
Your deep voice still whispering in my ear
I coo and giggle at the naughty suggestions you mentioned
I rub my moist petals
Ouch still sore from our verbal bouts
I rise up
Start to wind my wide hips trying to replay all the play we had
I catch myself before I moan
Look back to your wrinkled spot
Look at where you had never laid
Sit down
Head down
The fact that you don’t exist feels like hell
Only your words churn me
The physical being just a phanthom of my imagination
Like every man in this nation
Exist my extinct King
Come back to your Queen make this fantasy a reality.
By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.