Sweet 69 by lmf

Sweet baby don’t you tease me 
You see my ass up head down on this fat dick
Mmmm, got spit all ova him
Slurpin this while 69 my pussy
Feel me lick this head Ink my mark on this base
I hope you drown in my juices I’m smearin on yo face
I’m killin this anaconda. Pop!
Smack it on my lips let it pulse 
While I tea bag these too silky sacs
Like my squished titties on ur belly
I can’t feel my legs because your suckin my clit
Damn I need this dick to hit my slit
All that tongue has me motivated to go farther
Umm is that ya ass crack?
You like that wet slice of my pinky
Makin ya ass bounce nice
Now turn me over
Get in me
Make me rain
Take this suga wet punany
Make me go insane.-by LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.