Plowed in (6) by lmf

I adjusted my Belaye sunglasses reading the lens screen for where my jobs room was located in the hotel, if he had any guests,or if he ordered room service on the hotels data base. He was due lunch in just ten minutes. I smiled as the doorman opened the grand brass doors for me. A grand site welcomed me of high chandeliers sparkling brightly through the lobby were various people check-in  or leaving to the exit. I flowed with the crowd into the bathroom. I now had 8min. before my apple would receive his room service. In my bag I had the hotel’s kitchen servers uniforms but mine was made of biodegradable material that would breakdown when flushed. I pulled my brown hair back tighter then pulled out nude pasties to cover my dime sized nipples since I was completely naked. Knowing high action made them hard as bullets I couldn’t afford to stand out.
In the hotels restaurant kitchen I walked up to the hot food to be loaded for room service window the Butler’s were under staffed so loading the food cart was a breeze. He ordered mussles and clam platter with a side of steak. The hall leading to my job was empty. I reached the room exactly at the time marked for delivery​. I had directions to buzz then use the staff key to let myself into bring in and set up his dinner. I moved the food cart in the middle of the room. The door shut behind me and I disrobed. I took my bag out from under the cart placing it on the plush white carpet. The room smelled of sandalwood soap loud Sinatra music played all over the huge suite. I walked from the living room, bedroom, kitchen to make sure he was truly alone. After seeing he was I looked through his suitcase for what he owed Abdullah in the bottom of the bag in a stone case was what I was looking for just then I heard wet footsteps coming down the suites hall. Just as they haulted abruptly I pulled out my ice pick made of pure ice.

“Who the hell​?”

I’m here to cancel you for Abdullah.

“What do you mean, who the hell are you  a naked bitch in my room with a sharp piece of ice telling me shit?”

I’m just sent here to cancel your services and collect what’s to be shipped. This huge rotund man jutted to a weapon he had hinged to a wall I had missed before a hall closet I cartwheeled straight toward him until I stopped right side up slicing the ice pick through his heart it felt like pushing through though fatty beef the smell of hot blood filled my nostrils the silver gun he had just reached for dropped as he collapsed backwards. I went to the bathroom placed the ice pick in it then walked back to him he stopped gasping for air. I took out my phone to make a text. I had a buyer. Abdullah text for confirmation I sent a picture of the package and body. The time lapse from the start of the job was 15minutes I had just give more if not less. The text I was waiting for was that the man on the floor was a perfect match for a client. Height, race, body type was close to her husband’s. I sent my price of $25,000 prompt delivery for pickup. After about a second later I got a thumbs up emoji. So be it. I reached down into my black bag with  pink polka dots pulled out a surgeons scalpel. In front of his scrotum I kneeled pulled on up opening the flesh to reveal the sack then the other I removed both looked at his face to see if he flinched then over to my bag to put the sacks on ice. I slipped the scalpel in a container of bleach. Quickly into the bathroom where I flushed the toilet where the ice pick had melted then back tracked my steps until I was on the balcony. Once there I pulled out a thin jumper the same Hershey color as my complexion put on my bag then took off my footies then threw them off the balcony rail. Just below there was a balcony and a small terrace I scaled down entered the doors into an empty suite walked straight out the door into an elevator. I now had to get these nuts on ice to my client. A text came to my phone just then from Abdullah for payment of $5,000.



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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.