Protein Crave by lmf

Mouth waters
Mind goes blank
The lines and crown fog my thoughts
I can’t help feeling the softness
With every firm squeeze I feel a pulse
I look over the eye
Start to wonder how many others have drained this pipe
I feel my tummy start to growl
I know this ones diet 
I know this won’t digest fowl
Slide it
Wind my pink taste buds
Change position
I need to find a better route
Now here comes that great stream made by Gods design
The army of the future
Salty chromes
So pure
Untouched by the air of the world
Unborn innocense
Scampering to a destination of extreme darkness
Never to hatch
But to desolve in my pitt of acid
Mass genocide.. by LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.