Plowed In (5) by lmf


I pulled up to my condo feeling some kind of way. My car parked itself I walked up the stairs undressing myself. It was time to pay the bills. I looked over my current text with the details the only part I liked was my pay out and the little part that read “Have fun with the leftovers.” Fully naked walking into my shower I glided under the cascading stream of water it came down like a rainforest shower. I’d set it to start as soon as I drove up to my property. I rubbed black soap over my loofa as the lather grew thicker I started to rub it over my soft breast I felt my nipples harden I imagined Abdul’s teeth pulling each one until I moaned his name over his bald head…licking circles over his scalp, around his ears as my body betrayed me shivering as my first quake rushed over my mound. I sighed rinsing my ass opening it wide so the water could spill through my crack. As I stepped out the shower I looked at my ashen colored skin almost pale. I had approximately one hour to complete my work naked without sweating or a scent. I sprayed a mist of baking soda over my moist parts put on my grey trench coat headed out my door and up to my waiting car with no driver.


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.