Warrior by lmf

​I’m proud of you baby

Come home I cooked you dinner

You’re favorite dish

Fried okra

Steak and spinach

I know how much you’ve missed this

Love you my strong warrior

I want you to battle me after this treat

Between the sheets

I’m your lady but tonight I’m your freak

You know what it is

Go into the jaccuzzi while I clean this up

I have your bath drawn

Shea oil warmed

Ima bein to give your back a scrub

Uh oh

You dropped your Cool Melon Dove

I know this sheer gown is too revealing 

But you have my yoni throbbin

I dissapear under the suds

Only my heart shaped backside stands out

I take a dive

Slide over your manly thigh

Take in my man

Bubbles burst as I drop deeper

You moan sounding half crazy

I come up for air

You rise from the water

Grasp my waist

Step out with me in your embrace

I look into your eyes

All I see is the reflection of me in the heart of my King. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.