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cropped-my-logo.jpg Said you need this pussay cat

I really want you to have it
Bc all this textin is so vexin
Make my ass clap
Yes, already that action runs thru my mind
Spread my legs is next watchin how you make this clit
Reverse Highschool style
Dry humpin
That’s you about to fade away
I won’t let you touch me
But you can watch me
I’m goin crazy
Love the way your tongue kisses
When I move my thunder hips you keep missin
Makes me question while watching you beggin
What makes you want this
Is it the dark clouds storming in my eyes
The coldnes of a Northern chill when I swear
Or the fiya I pound down like an anvil into your heart
This beating muscle you call your head
Does it even matter as long as your shaft fits in me like O.J.’s glove? By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.