Could it be? By lmf

I think he’s up on me and wants forever because I always hold him up.
I have to admit he is the phuckin best. I’m so accustomed to being treated right.
Sh8t who am I to fight what feels right.
When my funds get tight ima shower him with everything he laid down at night and wished on.
I made him beg for it before I gave it up.
I promise to always look you in the eyes and never lie.
Just make you feel this love that stays locked inside.
Baby you broke my wall down now I’m standing here exposed
Never thought I wanted to be held so bad till you took me away from all this pain
Now I just want to lay down with you and make deep love you on the on the grass
I don’t care who will see this
just make love to my body
suck on my lips
take a sip of this pleasure running over my babbling nook. Written by LaShanda Mf


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.