Hypnotic by lmf


Trouble started with Hypnotic

I loved you

So I mixed Pineapple Ciroc
I drowned in that numbness
I started to talk stupid
Said I’d never lie to you
Give you my heart
Bottoms up
Gulp,bigger gulp
Alcohol told me I needed to phuck
But when I pulled you closer to stroke your ego
My words slurred
Damn how love hurts
So I switched to lust
You told me let’s slip out the back
I said no
Ladies bathroom
Lights dim
Music pounding
The line was long we passed right by them
Got cussed
Flashed the middle digit,no fuss
Slammed kissing in a stall
I let it all hangout
Just then it hits me
Ciroc hit me in the stomach
You couldn’t tell you had your hand exploring
All the club lady ballers made faces
Whispering how they felt appalled

I feel the lava crawling up my throat
I turn to save your outfit
Just as I turn to relieve it
You enter the back way
Guess you thought it was time
Thoughts off how good home felt stung me with every heave
Your strokes hurt more now then when you entertained my ego
Just as you ask am I sick
Security grabs you by the collar
The bathroom attendant passes me a brown scratchy paper towel
Girl she says stop rebelling and get your power back
She then placed her palm out
I don’t get paid just by the hour
That baby gal will be a dollar. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.