Alex Harassment by lmf



Every time that name touches my lips my 2nd pair collect moisture

So much I need a new pair of panties

We work together and we work under polices

Our work place treats us like kids

No fraternizing allowed

That doesn’t stop me from wanting Alex to beat this kitty up

Alone in my cubicle

These thoughts of Alex get stronger

I feel my legs spread

The thought of hands grabbing me drive me to the edge

Just as a small squirt is about to drip

I get called to the break room

I stand fix my skirt

They need sweet and low that’s kept in the storage

I grab a box

Vexed that someone stopped my body from its rain

Break room doors closed


I open it slowly

Alex is there dressed in red

Sweet and low?

Yes, place the box right there

Oh Alex is our boss

Sit on the counter next to it

I lose my next breath intake

I comply

Alex opens a packet of sweet and low

Sprinkles the sweet powder between my legs

Alex begs for me to stay silent

I look over at the unlocked break door

I look back to feel soft moisture

Feel my moisture being pulled from my hidden box

The room feels like the air supply is seeping out

My lips now so sensitive they pout

I feel a tongue glide deeper, thicker than an anaconda

My head bangs on the stainless steel cabinet

Alex’s curly bronze boy cut hair now a messy nest flies back

Lips dripping the sound shh seethes between white teeth

Rose lips smeared

Then in a blink I see just hair and feel that golden tongues pleasure

Again I squirt

But this time it’s caught by this bush snatcher

My boss Alex

Damn, made me come harder than a black mamba,

Umm, with a stroke much stronger

Than King Kong’s long Dong. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.

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