Sexual Tension by lmf


I always dreamed of you and I
Now I see you with her
I won’t front it hurts
Every time I watch her kiss you my crimson blood drips cold
I touch my pink pearl when I feel you walk by me
Your scent arousing erotic thoughts of opening your legs
Licking places that would draw your seven senses to surface
When she leaves the room you stop
You look and she has descended upstairs
I pull down my sky blue blouse to expose my pair of honey dew melons
The room stands still as the sound of your zipper opens
I bring a plump nipple to my moist pink tongue just dabbin the tip
You search out your night stick
Mmm, stroke…pause….stroke
I suck it really hard
You lick your lips hard
Soft lips that probably had sucked her lips
I take two at a time like I’m starving
stuffin my mouth with aureole chocolate chips
I see your pre intro
I rise from the piano bench
Turn around hike up my pencil cut gray skirt
I make it clap
You need my ass to applaud the christening you are about to give your alligator loafers
You lose your breath peering into my other entry
You fall to your knees
Your face full of bliss instead of pain
Hand still grippin your deflating Johnson
I look up to see her with a Smith&Weston
I let out a sigh
Told you I never lie sister,
She’s frozen
I’m fixed up
All envy hidden has been released
I walk by
Kiss her fading complexion where cinnamon use to be on her right cheek
As I walk out the door I whisper
Now neither one of us has to suffer. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.