Nastay by lmf

Everybody left

Now its just you and I on this balcony

Feel the warm breeze against your face

I feel it going up my white dress

I see a suprise in your cotton slacks

You seem tense

Your jaws flexing


Watch my right leg rise

See how I place my red heels on the rail

See my toffee thigh

Now follow my finger 

See my pink polished nail slide


Hear how the wetness sounds when I dip it

Inside it’s warm and rigid

Do you want this….

Watch my hips twirl to my self love

You’re bitin your bottom lip but I’m not done

We’re actually not alone

This is Vicky standing behind you

She’s gonna show you how to settle in

She slurps my clit with her moist lips

Touches her tongue just at the tip

Pulls my lips open

Licks inside

See the drip of my creamy cum?

She french kisses my entrance

The ribbed walls massaging her

Grippin her hot tongue as she brings me close to ecstasy

I pull her blonde hair

Look into her slanted eyes

Whisper I’m about to cum

Vicky gets in position

Opens my soft thighs wider

Squats her legs open her silk skirt pushed up

Her plump lips so shiny

So excited

She opens her mouth

Sticks her wet finger inside me

Strokes my G-spot

Her finger callin me to her

I feel the sensation

A wave of the forsaken

My body starts shakin

A gush comes racing

Vicky starts drinking

My juices as it splases

The clear liquid

Stays drippin from her chin

I look up to see you strokin

Then she comes in to finish the last drop.

Cleans me off

She stands

I bring my red heel down

You ask can you cum with us…

I smile and say

Nay Stay. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.