Entice by lmf


wp-1490174025288.jpgSunny shore day
You so sexy walkin by me
I see you peekin thru your shades
Watchin as my thick hips sway your way and that way
My turquois thong goin strong
You holdin my hand tight
So close that the people who sat behind us kept starin
Watchin your free hand rub my ass
Holdin my hips from behind
Makin me feel that 3rd leg
I pull away makin my ass jiggle a lil harder I run up to the water-side
Blow you a kiss
Point to the light house tower
The guard is gone on break half an hour
We run inside
My two piece disappears with one pull from your white teeth
I breath in your ear…
Let me please you
I go down
You pull me back up then deeply kiss me
Grabbin my left cocoa cheek
Then my right cheek
I feel your heart thumpin
I stop kissin
Start lickin
Feels like the tower is shakin but its you as I
Lick your hard nipples
I smile rise up to stick my tongue in your dimple
You spin me around
Smack my dimple on my ass
You don’t even have to ask
I bend over in position
Open my tower
I want you to light up this house
Fill my box with all that your jewels have to offer
You thrust
I challenge it
Breath baby I say
I hear you obey
Then we beat that beat that makes all your muscles that matter shake and quake
You say to me as my ocean starts to swell
Footsteps from up above
Its time to run…by LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.