Sexual Pleasure by lmf

Leave the door open let them all see
Push the Rover seat back
You know what time it is
You made me wait for 6 months
No calls, no text
You better believe I’m not going to stop
Ignore your ringtone going off
Is that your loves tone?
Can you still hear it as I moan?
Feel how my hips bounce to your heart beat
Everyday you’ve been on my mind
There’s no need for no other
You like when I squeeze ya hearty lil man
I won’t stop
I can’t stop givin you my tongue
Your pants are down to your knees that fast
Watch me flip around keepin Mr. Johnson steady
My yoni is soakin ready
See my perfect ass glistening from the moon light
My hair coverin my back
Go ahead baby smack that
I love when you rub it down like its covered with cream
Get ready baby I’m grippin the steering wheel
That’s right don’t fight
Follow my bounce
Watch my cocoa backside bounce
Keep up
Make me beg you to stop
Make me run away from you
Pass out and wake-up
Rubbin my mound wishin it was all a dream. By LaShanda MF


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I wrote the stories in my mind it helps me clear my thoughts.